NYC Plan To Double Number of Bike Riders

Treehugger reports on New York City's plan to make the famous city more friendly to bike riders. Among other things, the plan will add new bike racks, shelters, and lanes -- hopefully, by 2015, doubling the amount of bike riders in the city.

As of right now, around 112,000 New Yorkers use their bikes on a given day. Of course, more bike riders means less traffic congestion, less pollution, and more healthy people!


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'New' Apartment

Last spring, I moved into my first studio apartment in the midst of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The last 5 words of that sentence should further indicate that that’s where all of my money went too! So how was I going to furnish this place??

I started calling relatives for furniture, girlfriends for TVs and surfing the internet daily for anything I could afford! What I found changed my place, my closet and my life! First, a coworker of mine had a spare television just collecting dust in her basement. I was hooked up to the boob-tube within a week. Second, my grandmother pointed me in the direction of thrift stores. I will not lie to you my first reaction was “eww!” But once I had paid my first visits to the local thrift shops in New York, such as Housing Works, and corner flea markets hosted by places like A Vintage Home, I was addicted! Within one weekend I had found: a $200 captain’s bed with unfinished wood and 3 drawers on either side for storage, a $50 modern couch made of genuine leather, a $15 partition that would hide my dirty laundry, and a $20 antique nightstand that would serve as much more than just a Bible holder. A total of $285!! Who knew that I could find everything I needed without cleaning out my bank account and on top of that being 100% green and recycled?!

And even on top of that and without any humility, I can say that my place went from an unfurnished studio to a HOT Upper West Side pad! It doesn’t seem as if anything in my place is not NEW! I was able to turn the unfinished wood of my “new” bed into a canvas and with a few cans of recycled paint, it now look’s as though I were sleeping on an ocean. The dark, antique nightstand sits in the corner and offers a sense of eloquence and culture to the room. My partition lives beautifully behind my “new” TV and my couch is modern, comfy and big enough for my guests.

I mean really, can you ask for anything more? I’ve got a new place…cheap, chic and green. And since green is the new black, I am officially living in style!

Written By: Gloria M. Camacho

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I can grow my moisturizer in my backyard?

I was fascinated as I stood in the beauty department. I was in the market for good facial products that were not only organic and good for my skin but good for the planet as well. I didn’t think I would find it but low and behold there it was, Pangea Organics. Out of the state of Colorado, comes the unofficial mission statement of one body and one planet and the promise to help take care of both. Not only are these products natural, they are 100% sustainable. That means nothing but clean & natural ingredients on my skin as well as the earth’s. But have you ever heard of a cream that you could grow yourself? Talk about being self-reliant! How you say? Easy! Buy the moisturizer, apply to the face, take the box, soak it in water for one minute and plant it at least 1-inch deep into soil. In your very own backyard, you will grow the same medicinal and natural herbs that are simultaneously nourishing your skin! How cool is that?

This sent me into a frenzy of sustainable and recycled products. And it definitely does not stop at moisturizers or even in the United States. London based, Worn Again, is Anti-Apathy’s, design-led ethical brand that creates stylish products from recycled materials. I mean check out the shoes and bags from these designers and you would never guess that they came from men’s suits, prison blankets, surplus military tents, bicycle tubes, airline seat covers and even seat belts! Then to top it off, they’ll kick it to you old school, by land or sea. You can rest assured your “new” sneaks won’t fall of the plane and land on your street light, I hate when that happens! And what’s more, they are against sweat shops and campaign to avoid the exploitation of workers. It’s good to know that for the sake of me walking the streets in style, I didn’t have to stop anyone from getting an education.

I say thank goodness for companies like Pangea Organics and Worn Again! How else can we indulge ourselves in the luxuries of life without the tax of a guilty conscious and a damaged earth? And on top of that, you get to rock the only pair of airplane seat sneakers in your area!

Written by Gloria M. Camacho

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Have a greener christmas

Christmas is fast approaching...16 days to be exact and if your like me and haven’t already got into the xmas spirit, hoisted your tree up in your living or done any shopping whatsoever then continue to read a couple pointers on how to have a greener Christmas!

I’ve only now realised how much energy I’ve wasted in previous years having the Christmas lights on all day when I’ve not even been in...oops, (that’s a no brainer) but I’m going to make up for it this year with some eco friendly choices. I’ll be recycling some old Christmas cards I think and i'll be making sure to get recycled wrapping paper but even something simple like that doesn't mean compromising the Xmas spirit…

Why not use the Christmas cards you got sent last year as gift labels for this year? Someone I spoke to the other day even suggested wrapping some gifts in newspaper, hmm…sounds practical enough but aesthetically is it a good look on Christmas day that my niece has her present wrapped with The Sun page 3 models on the front? If that doesn't appeal to you the WWF has an online store that supplies recycled wrapping paper anyhow.

Not surprisingly, Christmas creates more recyclable waste than at any other time of year. The Woodland Trust, the UK's leading conservation charity, arranges for the recycling of used Christmas cards via Tesco and WH Smith. Visit for more details. Holly, berries and ivy draped over picture frames and mantelpieces are the perfect alternative to tinsel and plastic baubles. At you can buy your own holly tree so for future Christmases so you don't have to support the trade in holly branches.

If it’s buying presents you want to be ethical about what presents you buy people then check out Fairtrade and Natural Collection for a bunch of eco-friendly products that range from fashion and outdoor living to body care and natural health.

I’m sure there are other ways to have a greener Christmas so post any ideas you may have here on the blog!

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Eco campaigning just got sexy for me…

I never knew such a thing existed - The Miss Earth beauty pageant! It’s criminal that I didn’t know of this before, and it’s in its 8th year!

Then I immediately thought the women involved aren’t interested in the environment!? As soon as I saw the image of 30 women out in bikinis smiling I thought it was some kind of joke, ridiculing the rest of us that actually do things each day to help the planet.

BUT instead of it literally being a show to parade ‘green’ cuties around the world for a few hours I read more into it and the winning lady (Miss Earth) actually dedicates herself to a year of promoting environmental projects and addressing other concerning issues. Last year’s winner Jessica Trisko, has a Ph. D in Political Science and worked with the Miss Earth Foundation to lead various eco-tours and environmental orientations throughout the year.

Even the runners up also keep themselves busy and are given the names of other natural elements (to keep them content with losing out I guess) Miss Fire (equivalent to third runner-up), Miss Water (second runner-up), and Miss Air (first runner-up).

Who said being green and caring about the environment was boring stuff hey? I’m right behind them and their skimpy bikinis even if it means temperatures going up elsewhere…


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Croydon Eco Expo 2008

No longer will my town be mocked for our women donning the ‘Croydon Facelift' nor for being voted the UK's chav capital as Croydon had something to be proud off in the past couple weeks.

Croydon council (that's in London for you international readers) have been hosting their very own Eco-Exhibition for 2008 which gave the public a demonstration and insight on how to be creative and make a difference in reducing the borough's carbon footprint. The two weeks were showcased as being ‘environmentally low impact but visually and inspirationally its impact will be impressive'

It was a very cool event which had loads of stuff going on including a ‘green drinks' night, an Eco Music Fest and even a fashion show which took ideas that I talked about before about recycling old clothes and making use out of them. There were even food stalls set up in various locations to celebrate organic and homemade bites and different specialty products.

How about setting up an expo at your school, college or university? Spread the word and create a sustainable community in a creative and engaging way like the lovely people of Croydon!

Pictures from the event to follow...

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Find me a ‘Green Hybrid Car’….but not the Honda Civic!

Civic Hybrid wins Green gadget of the year at T3 Awards

For somebody that doesn’t drive I’m kind of worried that if I want to do my bit for global warming when I finally hit the road I’ve only got the Honda Civic Hybrid to look to as the epitome of the eco–car world. I mean just look at it…

For most of us I’m sure the first car we’ve got our hands on hasn’t been the most glamorous. I cringe looking back at me ‘cruising’ around in the passenger side of my brothers Vauxhall Kadett – not a good look!

I’m not one for saying its all about looks (I’m sure a few of my friends can vouch for that!) but I’m sure if any new driver is given a choice between one of these and something more ‘prettier’ you know what they’re going to pick…

Don’t get me wrong there are some nice hybrids out there, like those in the sleek and sexy Lexus GS 450h range or the Peugeot 307 Hybrid but unless anyone has a spare $30,000 (£17,000 in my money) for me then forget it!

Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge on cars and the way they have to be built, but for all of the Civic’s economical and energy saving work would you really want to be seen in one of these unsightly cars? It seems like all the ‘nice’ hybrids are too costly and a first time buyer like myself would be priced out …or am I just being superficial and ignoring other cars on the market? What right have I got complain, I should be proud of sitting in my ‘ugly’ but snug and environmentally friendly Civic.

It could be a looks vs. brains argument all over again almost but before I get into that read on to see just how this car does its bit for Mother Earth as well as some other hybrids on the market….

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