The Richest Romance 

We all know dating can be expensive these days...especially for you guys out there! From dinner dates to cruises, some pockets just aren’t big enough for all those dollars. Even though us girls love to wine and dine, we are more than fascinated to see how creative you can be.  Some of the most inexpensive and unexpected things you do, will sweep us off our feet. Are you and your man up for the challenge?

Here are a few suggestions for those who need some help thinking outside the lines of the typical “dinner and a movie” date. These eco-friendly tips will save you cash and could even help you introduce your partner to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Light some candles. Cut your electric bill and save some energy in a romantic setting.

Take a bath together. Add some natural aroma therapies to heighten the mood.

Have a picnic in the park. Pack a lunch and two wine glasses. Cheers to the scenery surrounding you.

Write a love note. Even the simplest things can be the most special, use recycled scraps.

Go for a bike ride. Exercising produces natural endorphins, boosting your mood.

Go for a coffee date. Brew a pot of organic coffee and take her to the park where you can chat and enjoy the people watching.

Sing a song for her. There’s nothing sexier than listening to your guy sing. We know there are a lot of you out there. We want to hear you!

Pick a flower. On your way home from work pick one flower from the bunch.

Gaze at the stars. You can enjoy nature at night too, in a mysterious and sexy way.

Why overuse the same suggestions for a date? You can save energy and money while being spontaneous and fabulous. I guarantee you, the love note you leave for her in the morning will make her fantasize about you all day long!

Ideas inspired by the Environmental Blog.


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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett was an English queen in “Elizabeth” and a royal elf in “The Lord of the Rings.” Now she has entered a new realm of royalty: the green kind. This sexy star is leading her people into a new age of environmentally friendly practices, and she’s literally starting in her own backyard.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Cate spent $1.5 million making her home eco-friendly. The house has its own water tank, solar panels and low energy lighting. Cate also made sure that none of the timber used in her home came from the rainforests. This is money well-spent for Cate, who hopes to set an example to everyone, especially in her homeland of Australia, which is one of the leading contributors of carbon emissions into our atmosphere.

Cate is also an ambassador of Earth Hour (, a campaign that asks people to turn their lights off for one hour to show their support for our planet. Visit their Web site to Vote Earth and check out to read Cate’s Greenography. Do your part and show Cate that you too have a heart of green.


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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who've Gone Green: George Clooney

His smoldering eyes and alluring charm have helped this actor, screen writer, producer and director top the charts twice as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. But it’s his leading role in the environmental movement that has without a doubt transitioned George Clooney from sexy to simply irresistible.


According to the Insider, George worked at a Swiss energy company as an executive board member in developing eco-friendly equipment for car engines. He has also been spotted driving around Hollywood in a Tango, an environmentally friendly car, and around Italy in a Vespa.


However, this sexy superhero is not combating climate change alone. Batman has found his Robin in Brad Pitt, and the two have been working together to make sure they win this ecological battle. And they’re not stopping at the environment. George cares about all matters that affect our world. Just last year, the United Nations appointed him as their messenger of peace.


If you love George Clooney and what he does for our world, then join him as his sidekick and learn about what you can do to help our environment by checking out Web sites like

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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who've Gone Green: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was going green long before she took on the role of Princess Fiona in “Shrek.” This sexy superstar has proved time and again that she’s willing to get ugly to make her voice heard. Now she’s taking on her biggest role yet: environmental champion.

According to Cameron’s green biography on, there is more to this Prius-driving girl-next-door than what meets the eye. Besides taking on leading roles in blockbusters, Cameron is involved in projects such as the MTV show “Trippin” where she traveled the world and learned how to protect the environment. She’s also the mastermind behind and appears in a documentary she traveled across the country to film. She came face-to-face with everyday people to help them change their habits to be more eco-friendly. Cameron is also one of the many stars who contributed tips on living ecologically to “The Green Book.” She wants the world to know that change can happen in the smallest of ways, like changing one lightbulb at home.

I guess this just proves there really is something about Cameron Diaz. If you want to help Cameron do something for the world, take the first step. Visit Web sites such as and to learn more about small things you can do.


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The Sexiest Guys and Girl's Who've Gone Green: Justin Timberlake

There’s nothing sexier than being green, and the guys and girls we will be highlighting are sexier than anybody. In our new blog series, The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green, we hope to demonstrate the innovative ways these celebrities use to make our world a better place and stimulate you follow in their footsteps...among other things.

Nobody does sexy – or green – as well as Justin Timberlake. This award-winning musical sensation, entrepreneur and philanthropist is doing his part to save the world by joining the Wildlife Warriors, a foundation started by Steve and Terri Irwin, to protect injured, threatened and endangered wildlife.


We all know that environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges facing our generation. Justin conquered the music industry, and now he is tackling the problems our world is facing, showing us that we can all make a difference. Through Wildlife Warriors, and also through his upcoming eco-friendly golf course Mirimichi, Justin is taking steps to positively impact the environment. Who says being green can’t be fun?


You can be environmentally sexy too and join Justin in his efforts. Go to to learn more about the foundation. Everyone can use a little green (and a little Justin) in their life.

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A New Movement

From Flower Power, to the Naughty Nineties, to the Bo Ho Hippy look, a new movement is well on its way. According to, 20 high fashion designers are determined to take part in a zero-waste fashion movement.


A couple of these designers clue us into what they are all about.


Londoner Mark Liu addresses the extraordinary amount of fabric waste with a jigsaw-like technique that makes optimal use of a single piece of cloth. Tristan Gribbin and Marion McKee, named their label SUST to encapsulate both sustainability and the British colloquialism for "cool." Allison Parris lines her feminine, flattering tops, sweaters, dresses, and skirts with recycled PET satin made from used soda bottles.


These are just a couple of the 20 green fashion designers you’ve never heard of who are making their way into the fashion spotlight. They are all about organic, handmade, and recycled eco-textiles. They are saving and sustaining in a sophisticated and cutting-edge way. It’s only a matter of time until their designs hit the red carpet and the tabloids. Keep your eyes open for their latest trends and fashion statements...and keep inspiring them to do what they do!



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Mash Together a Mask


Changing seasons not only brings the excitement of new temps and chic trends, but also an unfortunate change in the condition of most people’s skin...

I’m pretty sure we all can’t afford to be like celebrities Madonna, Liv Tyler, and Susan Sarandon who swear by Tracie Martyn’s $460 Resculpting Facial, offered exclusively in New York City ( So usually, when I start freaking out about a pimple in the plain sight of everyone around me, I go to the drugstore as soon as possible and buy a generic face mask, hoping it will become my savior by cleansing my confused complexion.

But are these mass-produced facemasks doing anything to purify the skin? Not necessarily -  the chemical, preservatives, and additives in some facial masks may not suit your skin type, causing irritation and clogged pores. A better, less expensive way for a deeply cleansed face is an organic, homemade facemask. You may even have all the ingredients available to you in your own kitchen!

According to, here are the ingredients that you’ll need in order to make your own right at home. An exfoliate which can be any one of the following: brown sugar, oatmeal, or blended almonds. A moisturizer: olive oil, yogurt, cream, honey or avocado. And an ingredient to tighten the skin, a combination or blend of fruits: apples, strawberries, or bananas.

Mix together and apply a generous amount of the mixture onto your face, avoiding eye area, and let sit for 10-15 minutes. This multi-purpose mask should be fairly dry before you remove it, just to make sure the moisture is now soaked up in your skin. Rinse with warm water. Apply the same facemask about 2 times a week to keep your face feeling soft, moisturized, and pimple free. Now you can enjoy the warm weather with a clear, fresh complexion, and some money in your pocket!


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