The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green: Adrian Grenier

With his dark curly hair and sexy green eyes, this actor, director and producer turned heads in the teen romantic comedy “Drive Me Crazy.” Now he’s driving all women wild with his environmental campaign, “Green is Gold.”

This hot environmentalist has teamed up with producer Peter Glatzer to head a new production company, Reconcile, in the hope of spreading awareness on green living. They aired a new series last year called “Alter Eco” on Planet Green, the first channel entirely devoted to environmental issues.

The show is about a “green team” of designers and lifestyle makeover experts who teach celebrities and ordinary people to go green in cool, hip new ways. Adrian is not joking when it comes to altering his lifestyle. He does more than just drive the eco-friendly Prius; he uses recycled jeans for insulation in his Brooklyn home!

While People Magazine named Adrian as one of the 14 sexiest guys who can stop traffic without even trying, the Vail Film Festival gave him the 2008 Blue Sky Award for Environmental Activism. This is exactly why the Insider has tagged this hotty as Eco-sexy!

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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green: Sting 

As far as older men go, few are sexier than Sting. This former Police frontman has got that voice that can make anyone swoon. He even looks good in skirts (a feat on its own), thanks to years of intense yoga training. But what makes him stand out in the environmental movement is the fact that he is a trendsetter. He was green long before people even knew what that meant.

In 1989, Sting and his wife Trudie Styler founded the Rainforest Foundation. According to its Web site, the mission of the foundation is to support native people of the world’s rainforests and help them protect their environment. They call their approach “rights-based forestry,” which means they promote social justice for those living in the rainforests while working to stop worldwide destruction. The Rainforest Foundation currently works in Belize, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Nicaragua, Panama and Suriname, among other countries.

Sting also hosts an annual benefit concert to raise money for the Rainforest Foundation. Artists like Sheryl Crow, Billy Joel, Brian Wilson and Lenny Kravitz have participated in the past.

Visit The Rainforest Foundation’s Web site at to learn more about Sting’s ecological efforts. And remember, every little thing you do to help is magic.

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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green: Julia Roberts

Her role as an environmental activist in the Oscar-winning movie “Erin Brokovich” became a reality after this hot superstar became a mom. Julia Roberts has won countless awards for her incredible acting abilities, but she took the side seat to become an environmentally savvy stay-at-home mom and wife.

Julia strongly believes that the smallest changes can make the biggest differences in our lives. This is why she wants to make sure that her day-to-day duties are helping pave a better future for the world her children will be living in. She does this by keeping an organic garden; minimizing waste with flushable diapers; taking fewer showers; using non-toxic female products; making her own green cleaning supplies; using solar panels and recycled tiles; shopping with reusable bags; and building with wood taken from sustainably managed forests.

Apart from going green in her house, Julia has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to spread the word on why it is essential for everyone to do their part. According to People Magazine, she is also a spokesperson for Earth Biofuels, a renewable energy company.

Help make Julia’s famous million-dollar smile even bigger and to find out more about the tips this “Pretty Woman” has for saving the environment, visit

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Modern Rebel Highlight: Kesh Kumari, London "I should have the measuring table n' all that but that's just not how I do things..."

It would seem that's how Kesh Kumari handles all aspects of her life but today we'll only focus on how she handles her fashion. Of Malaysian and Trinidadian descent and hailing from East London, Kesh Kumari shops and dresses outside of the mainstream. She doesn't spend hours inside of malls following the latest trends but instead you'd find her in any thrift shop buying clothes from another life, time, and even era! With that, she rips it all apart and creates new pieces that reflect her personal style, technique and way of life.

I first caught Kesh on one of Current TV's short docs that showed her tearing up a moo-moo and turning it into a fabulous mini-dress within 15 minutes. Covered in safety pins (including a permanent one tatooed on the back of her neck) she races off to a photo shoot for her new line of t-shirts. She immediately struck me as a hip and modern rebel that with her rebellious ways avoids the mainstream looks, attitude and structure. Her t-shirts carry her personal designs. Her latest line of abstract art combined with day-to-day images, to me, halfly represents her. Just as her day-to-day wear represents anything that had a story and can be made into a new one, she too is a bit abstract. What's even more eccentric about this young modern rebel is that after she sifts through thrift shops and rips up old clothes all day, at night, she hits up clubs all over the world as a co-DJ. So Kesh Kumari is pumping up the volume not only in fashion but in the music world as well!

What I find to be the best part about Kesh though, is the fact that she does these things because it's who she is. She isn't trying to wear the latest brand or spend all of her money on items that would be out of date in just a few months time. She likes her style because its different from anyone else and whether she knows it or not, she's one of the greenest people out there. She saves money, the environment and her integrity all at once. We should all look into styling ourselves in this fashion, it could just be our way of doing things.

For more on Kesh Kumari check out her blogs on myspace or facebook and if you'd like to support a new type of fashion, check out her site for t-shirts already on sale! Limited time only...of course!

Written by: Gloria M Camacho

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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s success in “Titanic” was only the tip of the iceberg. With his good looks, charm and sex appeal, he won the hearts of millions around the world. Over the years, his environmental work has made him the ultimate heartthrob. And honestly, what’s sexier than a guy who cares? A guy who does something about it.

Global warming is the most important environmental challenge we are facing today, and Leo knows this. While other celebrities are flying private jets and driving gas-guzzling cars, Leo opts for commercial flights and hybrids. His house even has solar panels, proving that he is more than just talk. The fact that Leo has already won the first-ever Big Green Help Award at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards and an International Green Award from Cinema for Peace only proves how many different audiences he can reach.

Leo uses his talents in projects such as “The 11th Hour” and “Greensburg” to shed light on problems that affect us all. His work with organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council; Global Green USA; Tree People; and the International Fund for Animal Welfare proves he is a driving force in the green movement.

Mr. DiCaprio has definitely given sexy a whole new meaning by trying to save the planet. Can you beat that? Visit his Web site at to see what you can do.

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Conserve the Condoms! 

Sundresses, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses, jumper dresses, shirtwaist dresses, tent dresses, wrap dresses, condom dresses... Wait what! Condom dresses?

Condom garments are becoming a new, innovative eco-trend... Not so sure that using brand new condoms for garment material is so sustainable, but how about using expired condoms? Recycling expired condoms for these creative, beautiful styles seems like an artistic and quirky idea!

We are supporting these fancy creations not just as a statement for eco-fashion but as a statement about your commitment to safe sex. Condoms have been protecting people from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases from about the mid 1600s. These latex dresses may not be the most environmental (or even comfortable) but they are definitely spreading the message of safe sex and the importance of protecting ourselves.

So the next time you see your guy throwing out expired condoms? Remind him that you are creating something fantastic, and his expired condoms are the exact materials you need!

For some views of these ridiculously stylish dresses:


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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green: Sheryl Crow

Everyday is a winding road for this sexy environmental activist and Grammy Award-winning rock star. Sheryl Crow is constantly on the lookout for new and easy ways to be environmentally friendly and she has no problem calling people like former President George Bush and GOP operative Karl Rove out on their destructive habits.


Her most famous proposal is the one-square-per-restroom-visit, as mentioned in her Stop Global Warming College Tour Blog.


Sheryl is so adamant about getting the word out that she has devoted an entire album, “Detours,” to discussing the perils of climate change. Other ecological ventures include attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and the Stop Global Warming College Tour where she traveled with activist Laurie David in a bio-diesel bus to encourage college students to join the movement.


And she’s more than a rocking green star; she’s topping the ecological charts as a green mom. Sheryl threw an eco-friendly baby shower and published the tips on her blog. Learn more about what Sheryl thinks we can do about the environment on her Web site,


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