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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green: Sting 

As far as older men go, few are sexier than Sting. This former Police frontman has got that voice that can make anyone swoon. He even looks good in skirts (a feat on its own), thanks to years of intense yoga training. But what makes him stand out in the environmental movement is the fact that he is a trendsetter. He was green long before people even knew what that meant.

In 1989, Sting and his wife Trudie Styler founded the Rainforest Foundation. According to its Web site, the mission of the foundation is to support native people of the world’s rainforests and help them protect their environment. They call their approach “rights-based forestry,” which means they promote social justice for those living in the rainforests while working to stop worldwide destruction. The Rainforest Foundation currently works in Belize, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Nicaragua, Panama and Suriname, among other countries.

Sting also hosts an annual benefit concert to raise money for the Rainforest Foundation. Artists like Sheryl Crow, Billy Joel, Brian Wilson and Lenny Kravitz have participated in the past.

Visit The Rainforest Foundation’s Web site at http://www.rainforestfoundation.org/en/node/1 to learn more about Sting’s ecological efforts. And remember, every little thing you do to help is magic.

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