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Modern Rebel Highlight: Kesh Kumari, London "I should have the measuring table n' all that but that's just not how I do things..."

It would seem that's how Kesh Kumari handles all aspects of her life but today we'll only focus on how she handles her fashion. Of Malaysian and Trinidadian descent and hailing from East London, Kesh Kumari shops and dresses outside of the mainstream. She doesn't spend hours inside of malls following the latest trends but instead you'd find her in any thrift shop buying clothes from another life, time, and even era! With that, she rips it all apart and creates new pieces that reflect her personal style, technique and way of life.

I first caught Kesh on one of Current TV's short docs that showed her tearing up a moo-moo and turning it into a fabulous mini-dress within 15 minutes. Covered in safety pins (including a permanent one tatooed on the back of her neck) she races off to a photo shoot for her new line of t-shirts. She immediately struck me as a hip and modern rebel that with her rebellious ways avoids the mainstream looks, attitude and structure. Her t-shirts carry her personal designs. Her latest line of abstract art combined with day-to-day images, to me, halfly represents her. Just as her day-to-day wear represents anything that had a story and can be made into a new one, she too is a bit abstract. What's even more eccentric about this young modern rebel is that after she sifts through thrift shops and rips up old clothes all day, at night, she hits up clubs all over the world as a co-DJ. So Kesh Kumari is pumping up the volume not only in fashion but in the music world as well!

What I find to be the best part about Kesh though, is the fact that she does these things because it's who she is. She isn't trying to wear the latest brand or spend all of her money on items that would be out of date in just a few months time. She likes her style because its different from anyone else and whether she knows it or not, she's one of the greenest people out there. She saves money, the environment and her integrity all at once. We should all look into styling ourselves in this fashion, it could just be our way of doing things.

For more on Kesh Kumari check out her blogs on myspace or facebook and if you'd like to support a new type of fashion, check out her site http://www.inaworldofherown.com/ for t-shirts already on sale! Limited time only...of course!

Written by: Gloria M Camacho

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