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The Sexiest Guys and Girls Who’ve Gone Green: Sheryl Crow

Everyday is a winding road for this sexy environmental activist and Grammy Award-winning rock star. Sheryl Crow is constantly on the lookout for new and easy ways to be environmentally friendly and she has no problem calling people like former President George Bush and GOP operative Karl Rove out on their destructive habits.


Her most famous proposal is the one-square-per-restroom-visit, as mentioned in her Stop Global Warming College Tour Blog.


Sheryl is so adamant about getting the word out that she has devoted an entire album, “Detours,” to discussing the perils of climate change. Other ecological ventures include attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and the Stop Global Warming College Tour where she traveled with activist Laurie David in a bio-diesel bus to encourage college students to join the movement.


And she’s more than a rocking green star; she’s topping the ecological charts as a green mom. Sheryl threw an eco-friendly baby shower and published the tips on her blog. Learn more about what Sheryl thinks we can do about the environment on her Web site, http://www.sherylcrow.com/.


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