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Don’t Trash Those Ties!



The collection of discarded ties my dad owns has sat in his closet for more than just a few years. It’s hard to sell ties or give them away because people are very particular about what color and kind they like. Personally, I have never found ties useful because I would rarely ever wear one. As a matter of fact, because women don’t usually wear ties, the population of people that would re-wear a discarded one is cut in half, wasteful?


Recently, however, I attended the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, New York and passed a vendor that was upcycling ties. Upcycling is component of sustainability where waste materials are re-used for new products, a reinvestment in the environment. The designs, hand sewn by Nicole Deponte, were super chic, trendy, fresh, and edgy. The styles varied from wrap around waist belts to neck kerchiefs.


Nicole Deponte, the mastermind of the lilian asterfield collection, upcycles vintage neckties and hand sews each one into a new and innovative design. Her collection includes ascots, scarves, necklaces, belts, cuffs, and more. “Neckties aren’t just for suits anymore” says Nicole Deponte. She’s calling out to all eco-conscious fashionistas, that’s you!


Inspired by Nicole’s eco-friendly fashion accessories, as I walk through the city, ties have begun to attract my eye. I can’t stop myself from imagining how a certain business man’s tie would look as an upcycled accessory on me, the opposite sex, purely fabulous with an edge of femininity.





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