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Have a greener christmas

Christmas is fast approaching...16 days to be exact and if your like me and haven’t already got into the xmas spirit, hoisted your tree up in your living or done any shopping whatsoever then continue to read a couple pointers on how to have a greener Christmas!

I’ve only now realised how much energy I’ve wasted in previous years having the Christmas lights on all day when I’ve not even been in...oops, (that’s a no brainer) but I’m going to make up for it this year with some eco friendly choices. I’ll be recycling some old Christmas cards I think and i'll be making sure to get recycled wrapping paper but even something simple like that doesn't mean compromising the Xmas spirit…

Why not use the Christmas cards you got sent last year as gift labels for this year? Someone I spoke to the other day even suggested wrapping some gifts in newspaper, hmm…sounds practical enough but aesthetically is it a good look on Christmas day that my niece has her present wrapped with The Sun page 3 models on the front? If that doesn't appeal to you the WWF has an online store that supplies recycled wrapping paper anyhow.

Not surprisingly, Christmas creates more recyclable waste than at any other time of year. The Woodland Trust, the UK's leading conservation charity, arranges for the recycling of used Christmas cards via Tesco and WH Smith. Visit www.woodland-trust.org.uk/recycling for more details. Holly, berries and ivy draped over picture frames and mantelpieces are the perfect alternative to tinsel and plastic baubles. At www.tree2mydoor.com you can buy your own holly tree so for future Christmases so you don't have to support the trade in holly branches.

If it’s buying presents you want to be ethical about what presents you buy people then check out Fairtrade and Natural Collection for a bunch of eco-friendly products that range from fashion and outdoor living to body care and natural health.

I’m sure there are other ways to have a greener Christmas so post any ideas you may have here on the blog!

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